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Gear Boxes and Geared Motors
Spur Gears, Toothed Racks, Internal Gears, Ratchet Wheels
Bevel Gears, Worm Wheels, Worms
Ball Bearings
Ball Bearings, Block Bearings, Bushes, Drill Bushes
Linear Motion, Linear Bearings, Precision Rail Guides
Couplings, Friction Clutches, Safety Couplings
Clamping Sets, Clamping Bushes, Taper Bushes
Clamp Collars, Shaft Collars (Adjusting Rings)
V-Belts, Pulleys, Accessories
Timing Belts, Pulleys, Accessories
Sprockets, Chains, Accessories
Accuride - Telescopic Slides
Pneumatic Elements
Universal Joints
Spindles, Spline Shafts and Nuts
Knobs, Handwheels, Handles, Operating Elements
DIN-Standardized Parts
Metal-Rubber-Buffers, Dampers
Standardized Parts and Miscellaneous
Maintenance and Repair Sprays, Loctits Products




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  • Excellent services from ordering to shipping
  • Web ordering system
  • JIT sourcing possible with proper planning
  • Single source for multiple parts, etc.

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